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Why Choose Furrari?
Service Tailored to You


Daily dog walks provide your dog with the opportunity to get out for some much-needed exercise, a stretch outside their crate, companionship, and a potty break when you can’t be there. Walks can help reduce loneliness and anxiety, prevent boredom, which can lead to chewing, barking and other unwanted behaviors, and help overall health!

Want an update on your pet? We will provide you a pup report card along with pictures to showcase their adventure!

Let Furrari accommodate your busy schedule and do the leg work for you! 

Dog Walking on a Sunny Day
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For many pet owners, Pet Taxi is the perfect solution because it is convenient for you and safe for your pet. Pet taxi is like Uber for pets to groomers, daycares, vet appointments, wherever you need. You no longer need to adjust your schedule to be available for pet appointments.


Pet safety and comfort is our top priority! We transport in a climate-controlled, fully equipped, and insured vehicle. We have safety belts and harnesses to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe.

Want an update on your pet? We will contact you at drop-off and pick-up. We will also send you pictures of your fur baby!  

Let Furrari be your personal pet chauf-fur!


Are you going on vacation or just have a busy schedule? Furrari offers home pop in visits. Pop in visits are the perfect way to break up your pet's day with some love and attention. These visits give owners peace of mind while away from their beloved pets. Each pop in visit includes potty break, play time, food/water, and medication if needed. We can also accommodate special instructions to guarantee that pop in peace of mind!

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