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Hello! Our names are Tara and Kenndal and we are the owners of Furrari Pet Taxi Co. We are dedicated pawrents to our three boys, Koda, Loki, and Shiloh, who are practically a dog sled team.  After experiencing scheduling conflicts and talking with many like-minded pet owners, we identified a need for a transportation service for pets in our area.  Often a pet needs to be dropped off or picked up before or after an owner’s ability to do so. We have run into this problem ourselves far too many times similarly to other pet owners.  Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation to or from day care, vet appointments, groomers, home, play dates, or anywhere else desired. In addition, we strive to assist others with the responsibilities that come along with pet ownership, such as daily exercise and frequent love and attention. With two huskies and an Alaskan Malamute, we understand the importance of daily exercise, mental stimulation, and devoted affection! Our undeniable love for animals combined with the passion for helping others is the true motivation behind this business!



Our mission is to provide the best emotional and physical care for your pets. We aim to relieve the stress of being away from your pet by integrating our services into your lifestyle.
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